Crossfire2, the ULTIMATE high performance 9 cell

When we released the ICARUS Crossfire, we revolutionized what was possible with a 9 cell non-cross braced canopy. Its swoop capability almost rivaled cross-braced canopies while maintaining a long recovery arc and unparalleled openings.

As with all our canopies the Crossfire 2 is available in any size you choose.
We recommend wing loadings from 1.4 psf to 2.1 psf.

Crossfire 2 Characteristics

CROSSFIRE 2 - Model 89 99 109 119 129 139 149 169
Size (Sq.Ft.) 89 99 109 119 129 139 149 169
MSW (Lbs) 178 198 218 238 258 278 298 300
Weight (Lbs) 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7

The Crossfire 2 shares the same impressive capabilities as its predecessor, plus some of the most responsive toggle and riser control inputs of any canopy in the market. It has a light front riser pressure and an even longer recovery arc. A highly elliptical planform, constant cell aspect ratio, closed nose, and fully shaped surfaces make this inflatable wing capable of unrivaled performance. It will out-perform any non cross-braced 9 cell available.

The ICARUS Crossfire 2 is a high performance elliptical ZP 9-cell canopy designed specifically for experienced ram air pilots. Its highly innovative planform design is truly elliptical in both leading and trailing edges. All nine cells vary in width across the canopy maintaining a constant cell aspect ratio to control distortion.

Unlike any other 9-cell, the Crossfire 2 nose is partially formed to give the canopy a more efficient leading edge. Its advanced nose design not only improves the aerodynamics, it also assists in controlling the openings. The diagonal structure of the nose also provides support to the non-loaded ribs during flight creating further rigidity at the leading edge and reducing distortion during the flare.

A major problem with previous high performance elliptical canopies had been 'diving off heading' openings. Our development work with the Crossfire 2 has reduced this dramatically. The Crossfire 2 openings are among the most consistent and comfortable 'stress free' openings available. The turns are snappy and the canopy has a large recovery arc; allowing it to dive for a long time and easily pick up speed when required. The flare is as powerful as you will find.

The RESULT is an AERODYNAMIC WING with LESS DRAG, INCREASED RIGIDITY and MORE LIFT offering a greater performance than other 9 cells at both low and high speeds.

The ICARUS Crossfire 2, an impressively balanced, no hassle high performance wing, truly elliptical, ZP 9-Cell, no cross-bracing or valve systems, fully formed nose, superb openings, impressive landings...!

_ Crossfire 2-89 
Crossfire 2-99
Crossfire 2-109
Crossfire 2-119 
Crossfire 2-129
Crossfire 2-139 
Crossfire 2-149
Crossfire 2-169 

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